Looking for Coaching Clients?
get your competitive advantage - now!
Have you noticed that "the old ways" - like facebook and other social media marketing - don't work so well anymore when it comes to finding Coaching Clients? 

You're not alone.

That's why - coming from the over 250 interviews and coaches I worked with 
- we put together a list of 
58 Creative Strategies where to find your Ideal Coaching Clients
Here are a couple of nuggets:
Strategy No 5:
A very little known community that has a lot of needs 
- in all 3 areas (wealth, health & happyness)
Strategy No 7: 
Utilize this well-known tool to find clients like no one else does!
Strategy No 14:
Use these groups with over 30 million users to find your next clients!
Strategy No 53:
This department inside companies knows who needs help and is eager to give it to them!
Here's what some of our students say - after using these strategies:
'9 clients after 3 months - although I had no idea where to start'
Nirupama Vyas, India
'1 corporate client worth more than 50 k$ after 2,5 months!'
Vishal Chaudhari, India
'Almost doubled my income within 3,5 months !'
Kenneth Kurtzweg, Germany